Taking care of health in monsoons

There are two popular definitions of Naturopathy one is purely Indian, based on Ancient Indian Health Sciences, and the other one is of Dr. Lindlahr which is widely accepted all over the world. As per Indian beliefs, our body is made up of five great elements Earth, Water, Sun, Air, and Ether. 

The imbalances among these five elements are responsible for diseases and the treatment of various diseases with the help of these five elements is called Naturopathy. Dr. Henry Lindlahr has defined Naturopathy as a system of a man building on physical, mental, moral, and spiritual planes of living in harmony with constructive principles of Nature applied to individual life.

It’s monsoons in North India and most of the people are down with cold, cough or fever accompanied by severe body aches. In this blog we are going to cover quick home remedies suggested by Dr. Reetu Panwar, if you are having cold, cough, acidity or severe headaches and don’t want to take antibiotics for the same.

To Cure cough, Dr. Reetu Panwar rec-almonds for your calmodable recovery

Almonds are packed with essential nutrients that offer relief from cough which when again combined with an essential ingredient Ghee or clarified butter made from cow’s milk has been used to treat a number of ailments like cough and cold.

What do you need to do?


What is it that a nourishing blend of cinnamon and honey cannot cure! There is no doubting the age-old wisdom of ancient science and seers who have harped upon the medicinal importance of these two ingredients.

Why Use Cinnamon and Honey?

Cinnamon and honey are nature’s gift to mankind. On one hand, cinnamon is known to be beneficial in treating, digestive problems and strengthens joint on the other hand, honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help fight bacterial and fungal infections. Apart from this, honey is also a rich source of amino acid, niacin, riboflavin, iron, calcium, etc

What do you need to do?

Have this mixture twice a day. You can follow up this for three days for quick results.


Today, acidity is a worldwide problem. Some of the major causes are as follows

  1. Diets which are very refined and contain less quantity of fibers are culprit in causing acidity
  2. Stress and anxiety plays as another main factor in causing acidity
  3. Consumption of excess of alcohol also affects the stomach linings that causes acidity.

Gulkand can reduce and even prevent acidity. Gulkand helps improve the health of the gut flora and the intestinal mucus. You may mix it in milk or simply have it by itself. It will put your intestines on the fast track to recovery.


Migraine headaches can be very debilitating. Those who suffer from migraine may find themselves bedridden from the pain.

There are several approaches you can choose from to treat headaches, but you may find that medications do not lessen the severity of the pain.  Eating an Apple on an empty stomach in the morning relieves one of migraine pain. This must be done for a few mornings as the fruit is packed with flavonoids, which reduce blood pressure and thus decrease headache pain.

Thus, Naturopathy is not only a system of healing but also a way of life.

– Dr. Reetu Panwar

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