Enema and its Impact on your Health

An enema is a procedure where a liquid solution is inserted into the colon via a tube through the rectum. The liquid softens stools in the colon and can stimulate muscle contractions that expel the stool from the colon.

Depending on what ingredients you use in your enema kit, you can detoxify heavy metals, reverse gut disease, and boost the immune system. Popular enema solutions include hot water enemas herbal decoction, oil, honey, buttermilk & milk enema (Vasti). They’re most often used to treat constipation or clear out the bowels before a medical procedure.

What Ailments do Enemas Treat?

Usually diet changes and exercise are recommended as the first steps in treating gastrointestinal issues such as constipation. Laxatives may be recommended by a doctor as well, and enemas are often used for the first time when the “dis-ease” has become more advanced. After discovering the benefits, many people get them regularly.

It’s very important to have Healthy Stomach to keep rest on the body healthy. Healthy Stomach, Healthy Organs.

Surprisingly, enemas can be effective in treating a variety of ailments other than stomach issues. These include backaches, Candida yeast infections, headaches, hemorrhoids, skin problems, weight issues, fatigue, and more.

Constipation is often treated with enemas, and it is important to do so, as residual accumulation in the large intestine can lead to colon cancer. Consequently, the benefits of an enema are all-encompassing; this includes improvement in mood as the stomach and its chemical reactions have been proven to have important links to the brain.

Diet for Enema

When an individual is set up to have enema, he/she is frequently recommended to not eat anything before the procedure. It is done on empty stomach.

Considering that an enema might lower an individual’s blood sugar level after the procedure, taking something after to raise your sugar levels a bit is recommended.

Attempt not to eat excessive or a lot prior to you have an enema. Even when you are doing the enema yourself, considering that you will have to massage your abdomen when you remain in the procedure of doing this cleansing method, eating little or lightly is a good idea.

After having an enema, eat gently also. Do not eat foods that are bound to cause you specific problems with digestion instantly after your enema. Papaya, chikoo, vegetable soups, and other light options like fruit juices and vegetable juices may be taken a few hours approximately after an enema.

It’s very important to meet a Naturopath, and understand why you need Enema and how is it going to help you before performing it on yourself at home or otherwise.

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